The Death Of Punk In Sixty Seconds

Bill Drummond (best known for his band, The KLF) is one of the great heros of my life. There's too much I could say, and not nearly enough space to say half of it. It's late now, so I'll just leave this here. Dig deep into the Drummond crypt - you won't regret it.

...ok... just a couple more, for now. Here's one of my favorite interviews with Drummond, and beautifully shot. His comments on recorded music are timeless. Enjoy.

"I don't really know what I am... I always feel embarassed to say I'm 'an artist'...
I don't think of myself as a musician. Even though I've written quite a few books, I don't think of myself as a writer either"
- Bill Drummond

And finally, below, some wonderful comments about the inspiring sound of Land Rover engines, and Drummond's "The 17" project, and (once again) challenging the value of recording musical experience as the only measure of musical value.