I've felt like a little bit of a late comer to the Herndon game. I often used to see her around Neukölln, and most certainly a few times in transit at Tegel airport - most likely when she was returning from the US to Berlin, and I was setting off on tour. And so it goes.

In any case, some gorgeous matieral here, and certainly a frequent academic reference in classes / lectures I've given around the traps.

"The music industry tends to work with nostalgia and archetypes, especially in terms of emotionality. We’re supposed to understand that this certain vocal inflection means I’m really feeling it right now. For me, I know that is designed to trigger that, so it’s not a particularly emotional concept for me to take on because it’s not actually coming from anywhere - it seems to be more lifted from somewhere else culturally... I don’t like authenticity being tied to how we present music. That word ‘authenticity’, I wonder what it even means anymore. I feel quite uncomfortable saying it, but people often try to tie it into concepts like that. "

I've greatly appreciated her commentary on the laptop as a storehouse of (non-linear / non-localised?) memory, almost suggestive of a very real, personalised ecology made manifest. So much to unpack here, and all wonderful stuff.