Cassette Tape 808


Cassette Tape 808

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“Cassette Tape 808” (inc. Ableton Live Drum Rack)

Take the world’s classic electro drum machine, record its super fat tones to old analogue cassette tape at HIGH volume - bruise, warp, distort and totally harmonically smear it in the process…. and ….

Wait. What sonic madness is this?!?

We her the CT808. And she’s a weapon.

Rude, loud and impolite, bristling with gruff character – and unrelentingly HUGE in attitude and sonic breadth.

Thumping distorted kick drums.

Massive sub bass.

Sizzling hats.

Claps and snares to rip your head off. Tempestuous cowbell.

Muscular! Profane! Impure! Seething! Oddly beautiful!

We’ve created one of the most versatile, controllable and insanely fun Ableton Live drum racks to satiate your smuttiest production desires - offering incredible tweakability and automation of parameters including sound selection, compression, pitch, envelope, filtering and reverb….a true behemoth of a drum rack.

The CT808 is perfect for adding massive tunable 808 subs end and distinctively aggressive PUNCH to your techno, hiphop and trap productions.

It’s also custom made for use in any Ableton Live set.

In addition to this mighty Live Rack, we offer you over 160 single audio hits for easy use with your favorite software samplers / drum machines, and 20 bonus loops for you to exploit.

(*NB Included loops / samples can be used with any DAW, however included Drum Rack requires Ableton Live 9 or above + Live Sampler for use.)

Contains over of 160 single hits, 1 Ableton Live instrument rack and 20 bonus loops.

24bit, 44.1kHz…

NB: Demo track is created using the unprocessed CT808 Instrument Rack – uncompressed, with only basic digital audio limiting.


• 1 x Ableton Live drum / instrument rack
• 169 samples / single hits:
• 52 Kick single shots
• 35 Hat single shots (open and closed)
• 20 Clap single shots
• 20 Snare single shots
• 10 Rimshot single shots
• 11 Cymbal single shots
• 21 Tom single shots
• 20 BONUS drum loops

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in:

• Breaks
• Hip-Hop
• House
• Presets / Patches
• Trap

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